HF RFID Readers

Unique from typical RFID readers, the CipherLab handheld RFID reader provides user extended RFID reading and writing capabilities via most Bluetooth® mobile devices. In addition, it can further integrate barcode capture and RFID data collection into one robust device by simply snapping your mobile computers onto its custom mount attached to the handheld RFID reader.

RS50 Series
Rugged Android Touch Computer
As smart phones become more practical, CipherLab timely develops the RS50 rugged Android Touch Computer to provide a true mobile office solution

RS31 Series
Touch Mobile Computer
CipherLab RS31 series is the new generation mobile computer with evolved specifications that satisfies the demanding industries of the field sales

RS30 Series
Touch Mobile Computer
CipherLab has manufactured the RS30 series to satisfy the needs of the customer-facing mobile workers in field sales, field service, retail

UHF RFID Readers

CipherLab handheld UHF RFID reader is designed to assist in smooth integration of RFID technology. Offering high level UHF reader options to extend RFID reading and writing, it also provides versatility in pairing with Bluetooth® devices to make operations simple.

1860 Series
Handheld RFID Reader
RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is an automated data capture technology that has been a growing solution in Warehousing, Distribution Center